User Research Roundup: Nov 2014

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Francois Roshdy

Here’s our round up of the most insightful user research we’ve come across recently. If you’re interested in the latest user research insights, click on the “continue reading” link below.

100 Days of iPhone Use: Understanding the Details of Mobile Device Use (Mobile Life, Stockholm University)

This academic paper from Stockholm University investigates how Internet-connected mobile devices have become an integral part of our everyday lives. Download and read this article to learn more about the insights gathered from capturing and analysing over 100 days of iPhone device usage.

PDF Download: 100 Days of iPhone Use


Recruiting User Research Participants by Email (UX Matters)

Outsourcing participant recruitment isn’t always possible – even though it’s advisable if this isn’t a core competency! This article is a great starting point for those who need to recruit and screen participants on a budget.

Link to article: Recruiting User Research Participants by Email


How to Get Your Coworkers to Care About User Research (Lessons Learned)

This practical article on how to get your coworkers to care about user research is a must-read. Don’t just conduct research – ensure you’re taking the steps to share its benefits effectively too.

Link to article: How to Get Your Coworkers to Care About User Research


Planning to Do a SaaS Startup? Don’t Forget the 20 Interview Rule (SaaStr)

If you’re involved in a SaaS company or a new start then you absolutely have to read this article. In it the founder highlights the benefits he’s seen since he bit the bullet and invested the time required to really listen to his customers.

Link to article: Don’t Forget the 20 Interview Rule


Got time for more?

Other user research articles worth a read:


Next week’s links

Next week we’ll be sharing some of the user experience strategy resources we’ve come across and bookmarked lately.


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