Business & UX Strategy: April 2015

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Here’s our round up of the most useful business and UX strategy resources we’ve come across recently. If you’re interested in learning from other people’s successes and failures, click on the “continue reading” link below.

Compulsive Beahviour Sells (MIT Technology Review)

“Nir Eyal is showing software designers how to hook users in four easy steps. Welcome to the new era of habit-forming technology”

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Hacking For Defense In Silicon Valley (Steve Blank)

A great post on how in peacetime the U.S. military is an immovable and inflexible bureaucracy. In wartime it can adapt and adopt organizational change with startling speed.

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This is what free, ad-supported Uber rides might look like. Mockups, economics, and analysis (Andrew Chen)

Free, ad-supported Uber rides are inevitable, and if Uber doesn’t do them, a different competitor – perhaps Google! – will do it. It would be the next step in the industry’s trajectory towards lowering prices.

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Got time for more?

Five ways to build a $100 million business (The Angel VC)

Why (most) SaaS startups should aim for negative MRR churn (The Angel VC)

Customer Size Dictates Your Sales Strategy (Intercom)

Fear of failure and lack of speed in a large corporation (Steve Blank)


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