Creating My Best Year Yet

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Luke Kelly

The opportunity to make 2017 my best year yet wasn’t something I wanted to pass up. Now thanks to Creative Edinburgh I‘m hoping my year will be just that – the best yet.

Facilitated by Carrie Sanderson, the prospect of my first workshop within the creative community in Edinburgh excited me. However, I wasn’t really sure what activities to expect from a workshop aiming to make 2017 so great.

It attracted a sell-out class pulling in people from all walks of life; theatre producers and costume designers to museum curators. Lots of creative types who I enjoyed getting to know and collaborating with over the course of the afternoon. I hoped to come away with a clearer vision and expectation of what 2017 had in store for me.

Climbing The Mountain

The afternoon itself was wrapped in the analogy that we were all climbing a mountain. The mountain itself reflected our lives. Its peak symbolised the goals we wanted to achieve over the coming year. While the climb to that peak represented the steps required to get there. As with anything though, it was explained that the journey isn’t always straight forward. The workshop aimed to help identify our goals in life but focused more on how we get there.


Carrie guided individuals into discovering what meant the most to them with gentle probing. It was a bizarre experience at first opening up to people I had only just met.

However, gaining advice from those who had such varied backgrounds to myself proved valuable. The activities were centered around sharing what we had achieved and overcome. But focused on how we could help each other achieve what they hadn’t. Gauging where we all were on our own mountains and how far or how close we were to our own peaks. As individuals we would listen but then in groups we would share ideas and offer advice.

The thing is, everybody starts at the bottom of the mountain. Everybody takes a different route to the top and everybody encounters different obstacles on the way. It is our own paths from which we learn the most.

My Takeaway

Thanks to the workshop, I learned that at this stage in my career it’s okay if I don’t achieve everything I want to first time around. Or even second time around. It’s the highs and lows that I am learning from whether I realise it or not at the time. Ultimately it is these experiences and the skills that I am gaining that I can look back to and be proud of.

They’re the real achievements. I mean, if you don’t climb the mountain how else do you get to the top?

I would like to say a huge thank you to Creative Edinburgh and especially Carrie Sanderson for putting on such a thought-provoking workshop. The collaborative experience has left me feeling refreshed excited for the year ahead!

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