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Developing new digital touch points has never been easier. But making sure you deliver a simple, yet positive, user experience is still a complex challenge.

Through expert analysis, user testing and competitor benchmarking we rapidly evaluate the user experience companies provide. We establish what does and doesn’t work from a brand, customer experience and technical perspective. Then, we’ll roadmap the changes that matter most. So, you deliver the biggest impact for your business.

That’s why some of the World’s leading organisations ask us to evaluate the brands, websites, applications, products and services they design.

Key benefits

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Get impartial feedback from prospects and customers.

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Understand the functional and emotional issues customers face.

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Identify issues that prevent or dissuade people from converting.

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Benchmark performance against best practice and competitors.

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Prioritise actions based on impact, effort and RoI.

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Launch better products, services and experiences faster.

How we do it?

We use the following techniques to evaluate your brands, products and services:

  • Business analysis
  • Research strategy
  • Generative research
  • Evaluative research
  • UX strategy
  • Persona development
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Empathy mapping
  • Expert review
  • UX audit
  • Brand audit
  • Requirements gathering.

Time & Cost

Our evaluation services are tailored to each client’s problems and requirements. The minimum turn-around time is 3 working days and fees start from £5,000 (exc. VAT).

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